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Oh WoW!® Lip Balm

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Product Photography

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A natural lip balm store that desperately needed to go from zero to online hero. So, I custom coded a beautiful website on the e-commerce platform Big Cartel.

Screenshot of Oh WoW! lip balm website on three different devices: iPhone, iPad, and iMac. Responsive web design.


I’m the proud owner of a well needed, updated website. Cameron’s talents delivered an easy to navigate site, pleasing color, a new format, and photos to encourage a user to stay and look longer. His concern for detail made it easy for me! You be the judge.

– Lori Johnson

Founder, Oh WoW!® Lip Balm

Screenshots of Big Cartel e-commerce platform discounts page, adding product page with Lemon Sorbet Lip Balm product from Oh WoW!
Screenshot of Big Cartel e-commerce platform theme customization page. Sidebar with customization settings, main content area with Oh WoW! lip balm website homepage. Headline reads "Kiss the Difference"

Finding a Platform for e-commerce

The founder of Oh WoW! was looking for an e-commerce platform that could allow her to sell numerous different flavors and sizes, handle payments, and ship orders, all at an affordable cost.

With a little bit of research I stumbled upon Big Cartel—which allows you to sell up to 50 different products for only $10/month, hosting included. Perfect!

Although I was a bit hesitant at first (given the fact that I had never heard of Big Cartel before), I tried it out. Fortunately, it turned out to be easy-to-use, plus it had all the features I needed to get to work.

Taking amazing product photos

Before I could make the products for the Oh WoW! online store, I needed to have high-quality images. But some of her images were…lacking in terms of quality, and many of her products just didn’t have any photos at all.

So, it was time for a photoshoot. We threw together a light box and some products that related to the flavor we were photographing, and voila! A little glass of Margarita with salt on the rim and Oh WoW! lip balm inside.

I then edited the photos in Adobe Lightroom and they were ready for use. I think they turned out great.

Picture of Oh WoW! lip balm in three flavors: Mint Chocolate, Margarita, and Lavender Vanilla
Picture of Oh WoW! lip balm in two flavors: Bananas Foster and Island Delight
Screenshots of Oh WoW! lip balm homepage. One headline reads "Kiss the Difference". Hero section, reviews section, about section, benefits section, product grid
Screenshots of Oh WoW! lip balm product pages. "Prom Dress Favor" product with pictures in three different colors: purple, white, pink. "Coconut Lip Balm" product with picture of Oh WoW! coconut-flavored lip balm inside a cup of coconut shavings

Out with the old, in with the new

After taking product photos, I created the products and wrote their descriptions. I also made graphics that served as secondary product images to drive sales. Now, it was time to design the actual website, starting with the homepage.

But one thing about the e-commerce platform Big Cartel is that the themes are barebones. Luckily, they allow you to custom code it to your liking by directly modifying the HTML and CSS.

So, the entirety of the homepage that you see was custom-coded. I even made API calls for the responsive product and review sliders. But what fun would it be without a little challenge?


Before Oh WoW! Lip Balm's new website


After Oh WoW! Lip Balm's new website


Let’s get you on here.