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What online experience do car lovers really want? That’s the question I attempted to answer as I took this local detailing business from zero to online hero.

Screenshot of B&A Auto Detailing website on three different devices: iPhone, iPad, and iMac. Responsive web design.


Cameron did an amazing job designing my website and I can’t believe how well it turned out! I highly recommend him for website designing services because he went above and beyond and really made it an awesome experience.

– Bryan Mann

Co-founder, B&A Auto Detailing

Three different stages of logo design for B&A Auto Detailing
B&A Auto Detailing brand guide. Titillium Web fonts. Geranium red, white, and dark mode colors. Illustration of three different cars: sedan, SUV, and pickup. Icons of a car headlight, undercarriage, mirror, engine bay, and front perspective.

creating an auto detailing identity

B&A Auto Detailing didn’t have a logo, so I designed three prototypes for him to choose from. I chose geranium red as the main accent, a color that car lovers could resonate with.

Titillium Web was chosen as the font for headings, paragraphs, and buttons. A versatile, modern sans-serif that is perfect for B&A’s target audience.

I designed five icons and three different sized cars: Sedan, SUV, and Pickup. You can see them in use on the services page.

Taking to the world wide web

I set up WordPress and got to work designing B&A’s website. I wanted it to be fully optimized for search engines, so I paid special attention to how it was structured and what keywords were being used and where.

I designed a variety of layouts to make the website look good, while also showing the customer what it needs to know.

I was also intent on maximizing the loading speed, so I converted all the images to .WebP and installed a caching plugin for WordPress. The result was a 98% performance score on Google PageSpeed Insights. So close to 100!

Screenshots of B&A Auto Detailing's homepage. One headline reads "Mobile Car Detailing in the Triangle"
Screenshots of B&A Auto Detailing's Services page. One headline reads "Auto Detailing Services Your Car Will Love"
Google PageSpeed Insights score for B&A Auto Detailing. 98% Performance, 100% Accessibility, 100% Best Practices, and 100% SEO.


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